Finding the Truth About Marijuana History

As an activist I have developed an extensive background in marijuana history while conducting my own “primary source” research for a book I have been putting together on the history of cannabis in America and how to legalize it in the future . Living around the Denver, Colorado area for the past 16 years has enabled me to do extensive research in what was once considered the hub of prohibition in the early 1900′s, when marijuana was first federally banned.  During my investigation into so called marijuana facts, I have taken research road trips to places like Pennsylvania State University to examine Harry Anslinger’s personal collection of drug war propaganda. Regrettably, my reefer madness research has resulted in finding an extensive amount of reference errors and fabrications in need of resolution. Once you start checking into the history of marijuana, and realize the numerous errors, fabrications and lies perpetrated by writers throughout the years, you’ll never feel the same about reading history again. However, the truth is out there, somewhere.

For help in finding the truth about marijuana history feel free to contact me.

Uncle Mike

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