I am officially concluding that no such link exists between Anslinger and the Mellon family. However, a lot of people want me to prove no connection exists between the two, which is impossible. Therefore, I am putting my money where my mouth is. I am offering a $100 REWARD to the first person who provides me with a primary reference containing a name that proves the Anslinger-Mellon family connection through the marriage of Martha Anslinger (maiden name Denniston). Please no  hearsay BS or shaky family tree stuff. If someone is successful in finding the reference I will post the winners name on this page.

Go to my research request page for more info.

Uncle Mike—7/2/11

So far no one has attempted to collect the $100 Reward money. Very surprised that Jack Herer’s Hemp Conspiracy people have not tried to support his theory by searching for this reference.4/6/12

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