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The following newspaper articles regarding the Victor Licata murder case accompanied John Kaplan’s material deposited in the Robert Crown Law Library at Stanford in a box marked “Miscellaneous Material On Marijuana” HV5822.M3 M57 V.8 l LAW BASEMENT. Only one newspaper reference request, an August 15 Tampa Times reply letter,was deposited to help explain the source of Kaplan’s bad citations. The list provided below is what Kaplan received as references attached to the copies. I did not find a copy of “Order Commits Slayer Licata” cited by Kaplan as reference number 13?

“Son Held In Tampa Slaying”, St. Petersburg, Florida, Wednesday, Oct. 18, 1933

“Insane Tampa Boy Wipes Out Family”

“Murder Charge Sought In Ax Slayings”, Tampa, Oct. 19, 1933

“Victor Licata Ax Slayer, Is Judged Insane”, Tampa, Nov. 3 1933, Pg. 7

“Logan To War On Marijuana Here”, Tampa, Oct. 18, 1933

“Crazed Youth Kills Five In Family Here”, Tampa, Oct. 18, 1933

“Marihuana”, Letter to editor, Tampa, Nov. 2, 1933

“Report Shows Ax Slayer Of Family Insane”, Tampa, Oct. 31, 1933, Pg. 1

“Crazed Youth Kills Five Of Family With Ax In Tampa Home”, Tampa, Oct 18, 1933, Pg. 1

“Stop This Murderous Smoke”, Tampa, Oct 20, 1933, editorial

“Alienist Says Licata Insane”, Nov. 2, 1933 (Typed copy)

“Dream Inspired Slaughter Orgy, Slayer Asserts”, Oct, 18, 1933 (Typed copy-This article appears to be a re-titled version of  the newspaper story “Dream Slayer Talks In Cell”, Tampa Daily Times, Oct. 18, 1933, pp. 1 & 4)


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