Aug. 21, 1936 pg. 1) “Ex-Convict Named as Brute Who Attacked Alamosa Girl; Victim Recognizes Assailant” (Gore File Case.-Alamosa Daily Courier’s leading article regarding the Lee Fernandez assault. Mentioned by Anslinger in his July, 1937 American Magazine article “Marijuana, Assassin of Youth” pg. 150 and in Floyd K. Baskette’s letter read by Anslinger during the 1937 Marihuana Tax Act hearing held April 27 through May 4, pg. 32 etc…)
(Aug. 22, 1936 pg. 1) “Rapist Facing Ten Years In Pen Blames Drink For Sex Madness” (Gore File Case-Lee Fernandez)
(Aug. 22, 1936 pg. 2) “Justice With a Purpose” (Gore File Case-Lee Fernandez- Editorial-Quotes from Alamosa lynch mob with Black Legion leanings saying “get a rope”.)
(Aug. 26, 1936 pg. 1) “Victim of Sex Fiend Shows Sign of Rally From Mental Shock” (Gore File Case-Lee Fernandez)
(Aug. 31, 1936 pg. 1) “Police Blame Marihuana For Majority of Murders and Sex Outrages in Valley” (Gore File Case-Lee Fernandez)
(Aug. 31, 1936 pg. 2) “Marihuana, A Curse to the Valley” (Gore File Case-Lee Fernandez-Editorial)
(Sep. 01, 1936 pg. 1) “Law-Enforcement Groups Combine to Combat Weed Termed Menace to Valley”
(Sep. 01, 1936 pg. 2) “This Is Marihuana!”
(Sep. 02, 1936 pg. 1) “Marihuana Sample Is Put On Exhibit In Alamosa Today”
(Sep. 04, 1936 pg. 1) “Officers on Guard Against Smuggling Of Drug in Valley”
(Sep. 09, 1936 pg. 2) “Action Is Needed” (Editorial)
(Nov. 25, 1936 pg. 1&8) “Alamosa Sheriff Thwarts Attack Of Marijuana Crazed Ex- Prisoner”
(Nov. 25, 1936 pg. 5) “Young Businessmen Vote on Resolution Assailing Marijuana”
(Dec. 05, 1936 pg. 6) “Delinquency is Topic Before Rotary Club; Marijuana Attacked”
(Dec. 07, 1936 pg. 1) “Alamosa Businessmen Fight Marijuana Peril By Passing Resolution”
(Nov. 25, 1936 pg. 2) “Federal Action Needed on Marijuana” (Editorial)
(Dec. 01, 1936 pg. 2) “A Law Colorado Needs” (Editorial)

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