(Nov. 28, 1921 pg. 8) “Narcotic Weed Believed Cause of Fatal Shooting”
(Apr. 27, 1922 pg. 1&17) “Dope Ring Perils School Girls To Create More Drug Addicts”
(Jan. 29, 1926 pg. 1&11) “‘Criminals Get No Mercy In My Court By Pleading Guilty,’ Is Symes’ Warning” (Article on Judge J. Foster Symes.)
(Feb. 18, 1927 pg. 21) “Smuggling Of Mexican Drug Into Pueblo Schools Charged, Representative Ray Talbot Exposes Sale and Use Of Marihuana in Liquid Form in Speech in House, And Attributes Death of Youth to Traffic.”(Representative Ray Talbot attributed the death of High School student to marijuana and then pleaded for legislation resulting in Colorado’s 1927 law. An examination of Pueblo high school yearbooks contained only one death, a John S. Porter, for the year in question. A search through the Pueblo Chieftain newspaper from Oct. 22, 1926 through Feb. 22, 1927 yielded his Oct. 25th & 27the death and funeral articles, but they say nothing about how he died. I conducted a search through Pueblo’s Clarke and Recorders office, Coroners office, and half a dozen other government offices for his burial permit, which typically lists a persons cause of death, but could not locate it. Colorado law dictates that non-family members must Wait a hundred years to obtain a death certificate. So, it looks like the answer to this marijuana mystery must wait until Oct. 20, 2026 for a conclusion. I suspect alcohol poisoning or a football injury.)
(Feb. 21, 1927 pg. 14) “Marihuana Evil is Growing In Colorado Says George Collins” (Briefly mentions Pueblo high school students already addicted to marihuana.)
(Dec. 30, 1928 pg. 6) “A Home-Grown New Drug That Drives Its Victims Mad” (Syndicated article in Magazine Section of Denver Post about Greenwich Village, NY, from International Feature Service Inc. Great Britain.)
(Jan. 10, 1929 pg. 9) “Federal Legislation Against Marijuana Is Urged By Callen” (One of many articles that mentions marijuana “growing within the walls of the state penitentiary at Canon City”. Contrary to most articles, this one actually mentions and approximate date, stating that it occurred “last summer”. A search of the Canon City Daily Record Newspaper microfilm from June 1 through Oct. 1 of 1928 yielded no hits. In fact, I found no mention of marijuana during my search. I also looked through the Colorado Board of Corrections & Warden of the State Penitentiary report from 1928 through 1930, but found nothing. When the Canon City Daily Record Newspaper is scanned by the Colorado Historic Newspaper digitization program I will search for this reference again. Currently in 2010 the program is up to 1923 following public domain laws, so I will have to wait until 1016 to conduct a digital search.
(Apr. 07, 1929 pg. 1) “Father Beats Child To Death With Poker” (Story about Mexican who killed baby boy of white girl-goes on day after day.)
(Apr. 08, 1929 pg. 15) “Posses Hunt Man Who Beat Child To Death”
(Apr. 16, 1929 pg. 1) “Fiend Slayer Caught in Nebraska, Mexican Confesses Torture of American Baby” and sub-headed “Prisoner Admits to Officer He Is Marihuana Addict”
(Apr. 17, 1929 pg. 1) “Heavy Guard Put Over Fiend in Wheatland jail”
(Apr. 19, 1929 pg. 1) “Fiend Enters Plea of Guilty and is held without Bond.” (AP story)
(Apr. 21, 1929 pg. 13) “Fiend Plans Insanity Plea To Dodge Noose”
(May. 29, 1929 pg. 2) “Citizens Urged By Judge Symes To Observe Laws” (Grand jury is told by Judge Symes “The best way to repeal an unpopular law is to enforce it rigidly.”)
(Feb. 24, 1930 pg. 09) “Man Jailed For Marihuana Sales”
(Feb. 24, 1930 pg. 15) “Slayer Of Child To Accept Life Term In Prison”
(Nov. 24, 1933 pg. 28) “Marijuana Ring Is Broken By Arrest Of Five At Longmont” (The card catalog in the Denver Public Library (DPL) as well as bibliographies in several publications add “dope” and “Mexicans” to the title and incorrectly cite this article as “Marijuana dope ring is broken by arrest of five Mexicansat Longmont”.)
(Mar. 21, 1934 pg. 1&5) “Denver Man Shoots Woman And Himself” (Gore File Case- Donald Holloway-Mentioned by Anslinger in his 1961 book “The Murderers” pg. 38)
(Mar. 21, 1934 pg. 5) “Girl Blames Liquor For Man’s Shooting Of Woman and Self” (Gore File Case-Donald Holloway)
(Mar. 22, 1934 pg. 5) “Grandmother Shot By Jealousy-Crazed-Man May Recover” (Gore File Case-Donald Holloway)
(Apr. 28, 1934 pg. 2) “Judge Symes Rebukes Local Officers For Lax Enforcement” (Judge Symes speaking out against lax enforcement of state laws and the expansion of federal enforcement duties.)
(Aug. 15, 1934 pg. 11) “Drive Is On To Stamp Out Marihuana Weed, Grown As Narcotic”
(Nov. 15, 1934 pg. 2) “New State Narcotic Drug Act Advocated”
(Dec. 11, 1934 pg. 3) “Young People Warned Of Danger of Marijuana”
(Dec. 14, 1934, pg. 30) “Congressmen Shaking Washington Plum Tree”, Washington, Dec.14 (A.P.), (Note- Narcotic Bureau jobs threatened with possible curtailment by President Roosevelt’s special committee. (Postmaster General Farley and his aids on the national committee))
(Feb. 24, 1935 pg. 2 s. 3,) “‘Killer Drug’ – Marihuana Blamed for Violent Crimes” (Washington Correspondence)
(Jan. 10, 1937 pg. 11) “Uniform State Dope Law Has Aided Colorado”
(May. 02, 1937 pg. 16) “State and City Unite In Drive on Marijuana”
(Aug. 05, 1937 pg. 16) “Sheriff Confiscates $5,000 In Marijuana” (See also World Independent Newspaper, Walsenburg, Colorado Aug. 4 through Oct. 7, 1937.)
(Aug. 06, 1937 pg. 14) “Colorado Department Waging Winning Fight Upon Marijuana, New Agency Battles to Destroy Narcotic That Leads To Eventual Insanity After Making Beasts of Its Victims”
(Aug. 08, 1937 pg. 3) “U.S. Narcotics Bureau Plans Marijuana War”
(Aug. 10, 1937 pg. 3) “Post Pictures Of Marijuana Expose Scheme”
(Aug. 14, 1937 pg. 8) “Marijuana Maker Is Sent To State Asylum After Wild Outbreak”
(Sep. 01, 1937 pg. 19) “Executive Council Denies Revolvers To Marijuana Raiders”
(Sep. 10, 1937 pg. 4) “US To Aid Rocky Mountain States Fight Marijuana” (AP)
(Oct. 03, 1937 pg. 18) “U.S. Maps War On Marihuana As New Law Goes Into Effect”
(Oct. 07, 1937 pg. 1&4) “Denver Banker Among 36 Indicted By Federal Jury” (Briefly mentions Moses Baca and Samuel R. Caldwell indictments. According to state and federal records all newspaper reports are inaccurate.  See U.S. District Court… )
(Oct. 08, 1937 pg. 8) “Denver Court Imposes First U.S. Marijuana Law Penalties” (Gore File Case-Mentioned in “Traffic In Opium And Other Dangerous Drugs” for the year ended Dec. 31, 1937 under “Illicit Traffic In Marihuana” pg. 54 & 57. Article about Judge Symes sentencing Moses Baca and Samuel R. Caldwell under America’s first federal marijuana law. Harry J. Anslinger, head of the Narcotics Bureau, attended and spoke afterwards. According to state and federal records all newspaper reports are inaccurate. See U.S. District Court…)
(Oct. 10, 1937 pg. 2) “Slugger Is Facing Prosecution Under Antimarijuana Law”
(Oct. 10, 1937 pg. 11) “Federal War On Marijuana To Be Widened”
(Oct. 12, 1937 pg. 17) “Arrest of Four Aliens Reveals Denver Marijuana Sales Ring” (Gore File Case-Juan Moya arrest mentioned in “Traffic In Opium And Other Dangerous Drugs” for the year ended Dec. 31, 1937 Under “Illicit Traffic In Marihuana” pg. 54. This Article also mentions the arrest of Angelina Hernandez for possession of marijuana. Her arrest, so soon after the federal tax act went into effect, suggests she may have been the first woman convicted under U.S law.)
(Oct. 13, 1937 pg. 3) “Judge Urges Deportation Of All Alien Lawbreakers”(Article on Judge Symes, deporting Alex Direzzo to Italy, stating afterwards that “I wish the same thing could be done with all the alien lawbreakers…”.)
(Oct. 13, 1937 pg. 18) “Three Plead Guilty To Violating U.S. Marijuana Law” (Gore File Case-Juan Moya.)
(Oct. 21, 1937 pg.8) “Two Denver Cooks Arrested In U.S. Marijuana Drive”
(Nov. 04, 1937 pg. 13) “U.S. Agents Crush Dope Ring Selling Marijuana In Hawaii”
(May. 23, 1938 pg. 1) “Narcotics Foe Takes Up Her Work In Denver” (Elizabeth Bass article.)
(Sep. 16, 1939 pg. 5) “Symes Says U.S. Needs Citizen Army To Guard Law” (Article about Judge Symes stating “I venture the opinion, based on past experience, that two-thirds of these indictments are against young men.”)
(Sep. 30, 1939 pg. 5) “Sale Of Marijuana To Children Scored As 17 Are Arrested”(Federal court article with Judge Symes stating, “Marijuana offenders made up a majority of prisoners, indicted by the last federal grand jury,…”.)
(Jun. 27, 1940 pg. 5) “Large Marijuana Crop Found Along Road Near Brush”
(Aug. 18, 1940 pg. 12, s.4) “War’s Cut Into Narcotic Supply Forces Addicts To ‘Take Cure’” (Elizabeth Bass article that briefly mentions marijuana.)
(Jan. 12, 1941 pg. 1&8) “Dope Raiders Jail 15 Colorado Suspects”
(Sep. 20, 1944 pg. 8) “Narcotic Official Sent To Chicago” (Elizabeth Bass article.)
(Jun. 12, 1946 pg. 1) “Big Marijuana Crop Is Seized At Mead, Colo.”
(Jun. 13, 1946 pg. 4) “Part Of The $40,000 Marijuana Catch At Farmers Home At Mead, Colo.”
(Jul. 11, 1947 pg. 1) “Denver Marijuana Sales Ring Smashed”
(Jul. 23, 1947 pg. 17) “Arrest Bares Marijuana Traffic at Fitzsimons”
(Apr. 09, 1948 pg. 1) “Dope Selling Ring Smashed”
(Apr. 10, 1948 pg. 1) “U.S., City Officers Push Drive on Marijuana Ring”
(Jul. 18, 1948 pg. 1 s. C) “Peddlers of Marijuana Lead Youths to Crime, Harvest Near For ’48 Crop” (Gore File Case-Report of Victor Licata escape. Article also mention’s the use of marijuana by zoot suit gangs.)
(Nov. 05, 1949 pg. 1) “Raid Bares Huge Marijuana Cache”
(Dec. 19, 1949 pg. 1) “Denver Dope Ring Smashed”
(Feb. 12, 1950 pg. 3A) “WAR ON DOPE, U.S. Rates Marijuana America’s Greatest Narcotic Menace” (Article contains Anslinger’s quote “devil weed of the Rocky Mountain Empire”.)
(Aug. 05, 1950 pg. 2) “Vandalism ‘Reefers’ Linked”
(Dec. 17, 1950 pg. 7AA) “Narcotic Arrests Up 65 Per Cent”
(Jul. 28, 1951 pg. 1) “2 Seized For Crop of Marijuana”
(Jul. 28, 1951 pg. 2) “Clothespin Gets Addict Extra Marijuana Puff”
(Feb. 16, 1952 pg. 2) “Suspect Linked To Jewel Theft” (Gore File Case-Armed robbery by Roy Pratt, mentioned in “Trafic In Opium and Other Dangerous Drugs” for the year ended December 31, 1952, under “Narcotic Drugs and Crime” pg. 9)
(Feb. 15, 1952 pg. 36) “Two Ex-Cons Held In $7,000 Stickup”(Gore File Case-Pratt)
(Apr. 18, 1952 pg. 31) “Stickup Suspect Escapes”(Gore File Case-Roy Pratt)
(Jul. 02, 1952 pg. 16) “16-Year Crime Figure Comes Home in Casket”(Gore File Case- Roy Pratt)
(Oct. 07, 1997 pg. 3B) “Peddler of pot first to be sentenced in U.S.- in 1937” (Gore File Case-Mentions Baca and Caldwell cases. The article “Hemp In History In Memory of Samuel R. Caldwell” was rewritten as a 60th anniversary article and sent to the Denver Post, resulting in this article and the following correction. See U.S. District Court…)
(Nov. 18, 1997 pg. 2B, #3) “Corrections” (Gore File Case-Source of Caldwell research, beyond that of 1937 newspaper accounts, and grave photo. The correction attributed the information and photograph to Julian Alexander but didn’t mention the article is a butchered version of Julian’s original. See U.S. District Court..)
(SEE ALSO————) (Special Correspondence, The New York Times, DENVER, Sept. 13, 1934 pg. 16 “Use Of Marijuana Spreading In West” Colorado correspondence article was later quoted in publications like the December 1935 American Mercury article entitled “The Menace Of Marijuana” on page 488.)
(WANTED Jan. 03, 1938 pg. 7) “Use Causes phenomena and illusions” (The Denver Public Library card catalog lists this article but it cannot be located on the page cited for the story.)

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