Several Denver Post newspaper articles are thought to have inspired the Mr. Farley letter that resides in Harry Anslingers personal files at Penn. State University, Historical Collections and Labor Archives, Anslinger, Harry Papers (Box 3, Series: B: Correspondence, #6-1934). Background information regarding the attached letter can be found in the following newspaper articles:

“Young People Warned Of Danger Of Marijuana”, Denver Post, Dec. 11, 1934 page 3. (Article mentions federal publicity campaign against drugs.)

“Congressmen Shaking Washington Plum Tree”, Denver Post, Dec. 14, 1934, p. 30 (Article mentions possible curtailment of Narcotic Bureau by President Roosevelt’s special committee.)


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  1. [...] Bureau jobs threatened with possible curtailment by President Roosevelt’s special committee. (Postmaster General Farley and his aids on the national [...]

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