(Summer, 1993 pg. 6&7) “Hemp In Colorado’s Hidden Past, Revealed” (Article about Fitz Hugh Ludlow, writer of The Hasheesh Eater, while in Colorado accompanied by landscape artist Albert Bierstadt. This story also mentions the memorial Library named after Ludlow.)
(Fall, 1994 pg. 5) “Hemp In History In Memory of Samuel R. Caldwell” (Gore File Case-Source of Caldwell research, beyond that of 1937 Newspaper accounts, and grave photo. The conviction part of this story was based on inaccurate newspaper accounts before the author obtained state and federal criminal records on Baca and Caldwell. See U.S. District Court…)
(Jul-Oct, 1996 pg. 3, 6, 8, 12) “Colorado Reefer Racism and the Advent of National Marijuana Prohibition” (This story contains an anonymous interview with a long time Denver resident, regarding marijuana use in the 1930’s, under the subtitle “MR. X REMEMBERS”. After MR. X’s death in 2002 his widow granted permission to release his name. MR. X was actually Alexander Rahoutis who lived from August 9, 1916 to May 9, 2002.)

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