(Oct. 25, 1926 pg.5c.1) “Popular Member Of Central High Dies” (Death of high school student, John Porter, mentioned in Denver newspapers on Feb. 18, 1927 as reason for passing state marijuana law. No cause of death mentioned in Pueblo Chieftain newspaper.)
(Oct. 25, 1926 pg.5c.3) “PORTER, John S.–Marriages, Births, Deaths, Funerals” (Death announcement.)
(Oct. 27, 1926 pg. 4) “PORTER, John S.–Marriages, Births, Deaths, Funerals” (Funeral)
(Nov. 17, 1926 pg. 2) “Colorado Leads In Deportation Of Alien Convicts From Prison”
(Oct. 07, 1937 pg. 2) “Raids Reveal Narcotic Ring Roundup” (A.P.)
(Oct. 08, 1937 pg. 1&12) “Three Dozen Are Indicted” (Article briefly mentions Moses Baca and Samuel R. Caldwell indictments. According to state and federal records all newspaper reports are inaccurate. See U.S. District Court…)
(Oct. 08, 1937 pg. 11) “Vigorous Federal Drive Planned Against Sale Of Marijuana Here”

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