(Feb. 18, 1927 pg. 7) “Charges Marihuana Weakening Pueblo High School Morals” (Representative Ray Talbot attributed the death of High School student to marijuana and then pleaded for legislation resulting in Colorado’s 1927 law. An examination of Pueblo high school yearbooks contained only one death, a John S. Porter, for the year in question. A search through the Pueblo Chieftain newspaper from Oct. 22, 1926 through Feb. 22, 1927 yielded his Oct. 25th & 27the death and funeral articles, but they say nothing about how he died. I searched through Pueblo’s Clarke and Recorders office, Coroners office, and half a dozen other government offices for his burial permit, which typically lists a persons cause of death, but could not locate it. Colorado law dictates that non-family members must Wait a hundred years to obtain a death certificate. So, it looks like the answer to this marijuana mystery must wait until Oct. 20, 2026 for a conclusion. I suspect alcohol poisoning or a football injury.)
(Mar. 27, 1929 pg. 13) “Amended Bill Hits Traffic In Marijuana” (Source for Denver City chaplain Val Higgins quote “The use of marijuana came into the state with the Mexicans migrating here for agricultural work.” Senator Ray Talbot of Pueblo brings about his second change in Colorado’s marijuana law.)
(Mar. 04, 1931 pg. 1) “Denver Driest Spot In U.S., Senate Is Told” (Article about Wickersham commission report that quotes Judge Symes views on the prohibition of alcohol.)
(Sep. 27, 1931 pg. 16) “Milliken Lays Increasing Crime to Marijuana Drug”(Mentions that “Marijuana… has been used almost exclusively in this state by the Mexican population employed in the beet fields.” Carl S. Milliken was a Member of the KKK. See Also: “Invisible Government”, from the Denver Express, pg. 1, March 27, 1924 and “KKK In Colorado”, from Time Magazine, pg. 6, Aug. 3, 1925. Suggested book reading: “The Klu Klux Klan InThe City” by Kenneth Jackson, United Press 1967.)
(Mar. 26, 1934 pg. 1) “The News Presents an Orchid to-Mrs. Laura Hall, 60, for her bravery…” (Gore File Case-Donald Holloway-Mentioned by Anslinger in his 1961 book “The Murderers” pg. 38)
(Dec. 11, 1934 pg. 8) “Marihuana” (Editorial)
(Dec. 14, 1934, pg. 01) “Police Trailing Marijuana Ring” by Harry Walker
(Dec. 20, 1934 pg. 2) “Marijuana Growing Wild In Denver’s Front Yards”
(Feb. 04, 1935 pg. 8) “For a Uniform Drug Act” (Editorial)
(Oct. 20, 1935 pg. 1&10) “Denver Woman Is Shot”
(Oct. 26, 1935 pg. 5) “Denver Woman Dies Of Wound”
(Mar. 21, 1936 pg. 7) “Habit-Forming Marijuana Grown In Great Quantities in Colorado” (The card catalog in the Denver Public Library (DPL) and bibliographies in several publications substitute “drug” for “marijuana” and incorrectly cite this article as “Habit-forming drug grown in great quantities in Colorado”.)
(Aug. 06, 1937 pg. 1) “Bumper Crop of Marijuana Maturing in Colorado”
(Aug. 08, 1937 pg. 1&4) “Marijuana In Denver? Sure, Plenty of the Stuff” (part 1)
(Aug. 09, 1937 pg. 1&3) “Marijuana American Hashish; School Children Buy Drug” (part 2)
(Aug. 10, 1937 pg. 2) “Marijuana Syndicate Hinted; Blow at Farmers Urged” (part 3)
(Aug. 13, 1937 pg. 1) “Marijuana ‘Farm’ Seized In Denver”
(Aug. 14, 1937 pg. 3) “600 Pounds Of Marijuana Burned”
(Aug. 17, 1937 pg. 16, c. 6) “Weeds Called ‘Health Menace,’ Parks Chief Told to Cut Them”
(Aug. 17, 1937 pg. 16, c. 8) “Marijuana Seed On Sale In Stores”
(Sep. 02, 1937 pg. 3) “Inspectors Get No Guns, Health Employees Drop Marijuana Drive”
(Oct. 08, 1937 pg. 1) “2 Indicted In Drive On Marijuana” (Indictment articles regarding Moses Baca and Samuel R. Caldwell. According to state and federal records all newspaper reports are inaccurate. See U.S. District Court…)
(Oct. 09, 1937 pg. 3) “New Marijuana Law Sends 2 To Pen” (Article about sentencing Moses Baca and Samuel R. Caldwell. According to state and federal records all newspaper reports are inaccurate. See U.S. District Court..)
(Oct. 14, 1937 pg. 5) “Marijuana Drive Pushed” (Gore File Case-Juan Moya)
(Dec. 06, 1937 pg. 1&3) “Dope Ring Operations Bared By Arrest Of 8”(Mentions deporting George Rahoutis backtoGreece-See 1996 Pikes Peak Article with subtitle “MR. X REMEMBERS”)
(May. 24, 1938 pg. 1) “Women to Direct War Against Dope in Denver” (Elizabeth Bass article-only female supervisor in the Narcotics Bureau.)
(Sep. 09, 1938 pg. 3) “Federal Grand Jury to See Growing Marijuana Plant”
(Jan. 12, 1941 pg. 1&2) “17 Held as U.S. Agents Claim Smashing Of Dope Ring That Prayed on Boys, Girls”(Mentions Alex Rahoutis- See 1996 Pikes Peak Article with subtitle “MR. X REMEMBERS”)
(Mar. 10, 1943 pg. 8) “Opium Addicts Hit Hard As War Halts Illicit Traffic” (Briefly mentions substitution in last paragraph stating, “Narcotic addicts do no turn to marihuana as a substitute for the powerful drugs of the poppy.”)
(Jun. 13, 1946 pg. 6) “$60,000 Marijuana Confiscated And Alleged Wholesaler Arrested” (Mead, Colorado farm bust.)
(Aug. 14, 1946 pg. 23) “Marijuana King Pin Gets 18-Mo. Term” (Mead, Colorado farm bust.)
(Feb. 02, 1947 pg. 12) “Federal Men Nab Alleged Reefer Ring”
(Aug. 07, 1947 pg. 13) “Reefer Peddler Given Three Years” (Judge Symes still handing out stiff sentences for marijuana.)
(Mar. 31, 1948 pg. 5) “Mail Order Traffic In Marijuana Halted”
(Apr. 09, 1948 pg. 1) “Four Arrested In Denver Narcotics Raid”
(Apr. 10, 1948 pg. 5) “Marijuana Raid Shatters Haven of Drug Addicts”
(May. 23, 1948 pg. 5) “2 Suspects Jailed On Dope Charges In ‘Sex Orgies’”
(Jun. 29, 1948 pg. 14) “Girl’s Tip Nabs Two In Marijuana Probe”
(Jul. 28, 1948 pg. 13) “2 Arraigned in Dope Case”
(Oct. 23, 1950. pg 5) “Dope Case Arrests Up30-35 Pct. Here, U.S Agent Discloses”
(Jun. 01, 1951 pg. 8) “Public Asked to Help Spot Illicit Marijuana Crops”
(Aug. 05, 1951 pg. 24) “Marijuana and Deviltry Occupy Bobby, 15”
(Aug. 06, 1951 pg. 11) “Huge Marijuana Crop Found in Sex Orgy Probe”
(Aug. 14, 1951 pg. 22) “Sold ‘Weed’ From Bra, Girl Admits”
(Aug. 19, 1951 pg. 8) “Denver Police to Exhibit Wild Marijuana to Public”
(Aug. 19, 1951 pg. 5) “How Easy Is It to Get Marijuana Contacts?”
(Jul. 28, 1951 pg. 22) “New Pictures Leads to Arrest of 2 And Uprooting of Marijuana Crop”
(Jan. 20, 1956 pg. 42) Sets a Trap” (Terry Talent story-Part 1)
(Jan. 21, 1956 pg. 28) “Drug-Crazed Peddler Finds Agent Too Tough” (Terry Talent story-Part 2)
(Jan. 22, 1956 pg. 24) “Story in The News Harvests Good Crop” (Terry Talent story- Part 3)
(Jan. 23, 1956 pg. 23) “Expert Praises Work of Local Police” (Terry Talent story- Part 4)
(Nov. 05, 2005 pg. 1A-4A-10A) ”Pot considered ‘murder weed’ in 1937” (Gore File Case-Marijuana article that mentions Moses Baca and Samuel R. Caldwell convictions. According to state and federal records all newspaper reports are inaccurate. See U.S. District Court..)

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