(Jan. 19, 1935 pg. 1&4) Dope-Crazed Men Terrorize Two Girls in Beauty Parlor”
(Sep. 03, 1935 pg. 1&4) “Man’s Skull Is Fractured by Blow in Attack Saturday Night” (Gore File Case-Account of Ben Griego’s supposed attack on Huerfano County Sheriff attributed to marijuana. Accounts of the case can be found in the report “Traffic In Opium And Other Dangerous Drugs” for the year ended Dec. 31, 1936 under “Marihuana Crimes” pg. 65 and in the 1937 Marihuana Tax Act hearings held from April 27 through May 4 1937, Anslinger, pg. 23.
(Sep. 11, 1935 pg. 1) “Sheriff Starts Drive On Marijuana Growers After Serious Crimes In County” (Gore File Case-Ben Griego)
(Sep. 21, 1935 pg. 1) “Griego And Cruz Attack Case Filed In District Court” (Gore File Case-Ben Griego)
(Oct. 11, 1935 pg. 1) “Civil Suits Come before Court Next Week; Moser Asks $9200 Damages in Victor Bain Wreck” (Gore File Case-Ben Griego)
(Feb. 20, 1936 pg. 1) “Jury Returns Verdict of Guilty of Simple Assault Today in Ben Griego Case” (Gore File Case-Ben Griego)
(Aug. 04, 1937 pg. 1) “U.S. Narcotics Bureau Plans War On Marijuana”
(Aug. 04, 1937 pg. 8 ) “Marijuana Seized In Raids”
(Aug. 05, 1937 pg. 1&8) “Local Dope Raids Continue”
(Aug. 11, 1937 pg. 1) “Two Are Jailed For Growing Marijuana Weed”
(Oct. 07, 1937 pg. 1) “Pair Guilty Of Growing Marijuana”
(Sep. 26, 1939 pg. 1) “Marijuana Use Shows Big Decrease”

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