Looking for the original source of what I believe to be misinformation regarding some authors who claim Victor Licata “Killed another patient” while in a mental hospital. The statement appears on several Internet sites, but I have not been able to find any definitive source for the information. Possible source is a posted note attached to Albert and Robert Rowell’s book “On The Trail Of Marijuana, The Weed Of Madness” in the chapter entitled “Madness for Profit Victor Licata” at:  http://www.lycaeum.org/~sputnik/Ludlow/Trail/trail.html

Also looking for source of statistics related to Gore File cases which typically states somthing to the effect that ”Of the 200 specific cases referred to by Anslinger, his accusation were proven false in 198″. I suspect “Pot Culture: Anslingers Lies” as the source at: http://www.ukcia.org/potculture/20/lies.html


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