I am looking to collaborate with other researchers on the following subjects. Please drop me an e-mail if you think you can help with any of my research. A complete reference is preferable, but not necessary, so long as an approximate location is known. Digital copies with complete references are also greatly appreciated. After 15 years of research I am running out of leads in regards to some subjects, so I am very interested in any possible reference help one might be able to provide me.

If you have information on my specific searches, or any other interesting information on marijuana, please drop me an Email.

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Research Requests

Victor Licata Reference Search

Looking for the original source of what I believe to be misinformation regarding some authors who claim Victor Licata “Killed another patient” while in a mental hospital. The statement appears on several Internet sites, but I have not been able to find any definitive source for the information. Possible source is a posted note attached to Albert […]

Harry J. Anslinger Quotes/Quotations Search

When I conduct an Internet search for Harry J. Anslinger quotes I am overwhelmed by the vast number of unreferenced racist statements attributed to the man. Typically the better a quote sounds, the less likely it is to have a reference attached, suggesting a majority of the statements in question are actually fabrications. With so many people accusing Anslinger of […]

Lothrop Hotel, Denver Colorado, Picture or Postcard Wanted

  I would like to obtain a photograph, postcard or stationary from the Lothrop Hotel, 1755 Lawrence, Denver, Colorado that stood at the corner of 18th and Lawrence from 1906 through 1944.  Looking for a photograph of the Lothrop hotel without a copyright attached or a postcard/stationary containing a picture or drawing  of hotel.

Who Originally Coined the Term “Gore Files”

  Does anyone know who originally coined the term “Gore Files” when referring to Harry Anslinger and the Bureau of Narcotics collection of newspaper articles professing the evils of marijuana?  Was it Anslinger himself or a pro-marijuana author? ANSWER–In an e-mail from Larry Sloman, author of the 1979 book Reefer Madness, he proclaimed to be […]

FBI WANTED poster of Victor Licata

  Looking for an FBI WANTED poster of Victor Licata (Florida Ax Killer erroneously said to have been high on marijuana when he slaughtered his family). Several articles seem to suggest that the feds distributed a Wanted Poster to law enforcement and major newspapers some time after his escape from a Chattahoochee, Florida prison on Oct. 14, 1945. […]

Old Cannabis Recipes (pre 1940′s)

  Always interested in obtaining old cannabis recipes (pre 1940′s). Typically the best ones are from India like Bhang & Majun (also spelled Majoom, Majoon, Majum) Majun also goes by the name Alwa and Halva. Many books briefly mention old cannabis recipes, but rarely go into enough detail to actually make them.

Collecting Mezz Mezzrow References

I am an avid collector of Mezz Mezzrow references (born Milton Mesirow Nov. 9, 1899, died Aug. 5, 1972). Interested in  jazz articles discussing this controversial clarinet and sax player, even ones that only briefly mention him and his activities. In the future I plan on compiling a reference list containing the dozens of Mezzrow […]

In Need of a Late 1800′s Dictionary That Mentions the Etymology Of Marijuana/Marihuana/mariguana (Spanish, Portuguese, English etc…)

  I am looking for a late 1800′s dictionary that mentions the etymology of marijuana/marihuana/mariguana (Spanish, Portuguese, English etc…)So far, no dictionary has provided a deriving source for the word mariguana that checked out. Nor have I been able to find the word “maraguango” in any credible dictionary (mentioned in The Military Surgeon Nov, 1933, […]

Looking For Proof Of The Harry Anslinger-Andrew Mellon Family Connection

  My extensive research has failed to find evidence of the Anslinger-Mellon family connection through the marriage of Martha Anslinger (maiden name Denniston)  mentioned by dozens of writers. For years I have requested help from researchers through Harry Anslingers wikipedia’s discussion page.  There was no mention of the family connection said by numerous authors to reside in the Altoona […]