Marijuana, the “devil weed of the Rocky Mountain Empire” Harry J. Anslinger quote
U.S. Rates Marijuana America’s Greatest Narcotic Menace
Denver Post, Feb 12, 1950, page 3A



Introduction:  This is a compilation of Colorado newspaper articles regarding early marijuana history and related events. The reference list was compiled for researchers browsing the Internet in search of newspaper articles relevant to their projects, and more importantly, for conducting investigations into inaccurate citations found in various publications and web sites. The following articles are actually a culmination of several reference requests made by other researchers doing various projects. A few of the articles only briefly mention marijuana, or not at all.  The stories that don’t specifically mention marijuana are Gore File Cases, used to fabricate a connection between marijuana and crime. Some articles were also stumbled upon by accident and selected simply because their titles sounded funny or outrageous.

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Updated 2/11/08


Gore File Case: A criminal case used by Harry J. Anslinger, head of the Narcotic Bureau from 1930 through 1962, to fabricate a connection between marijuana and crime.

Bold: Suggested reading

NOTE : Since the 1800′s, the “Rocky Mt. News” has been known as Denver’s “morning” paper and the “Denver Post” as Denver’s “afternoon” paper.



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