Compilation of Publications, Interviews, Criminal Files and Photographs of Moses Baca & Samuel Caldwell

Written By Uncle Mike


The single source most commonly used by historians for information on the first violators sentenced under the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 is a Denver Post newspaper article cited as:

DENVER COURT IMPOSES FIRST U.S. MARIJUANA LAW PENALTIES, Peddler Given Four Years in Pen and $1,000 Fine and User Is Sentenced to 18 Months; Prosecutor and Police Given High Praise, Denver Post, p. 8, October 8th 1937.

According to state and federal criminal records, this historic Denver Post article is wrong in respect to some of the dates, circumstances and chain of events. This is of major importance since dozens of writer have used the reference since 1937  for various articles and books on the prohibition of marijuana.

Inaccurate case history from 1937 has since gone on to grow exponentially with each successive telling. This piece of marihuana history exemplifies the game of telegraph, where repeatedly telling a story around a circle of people distorts and exaggerates key points…..

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